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Zhuhai Travel New Yuanming Palace

Built in the same size of the burned Yuanming Palace in Beijing, the New Yuanming Palace in Zhuhai recovered numerous scenic spots in their old construction style combined with modern features, including the complex of royal palaces, Fuhai Lake, Royal Food Street and shops in different types. Carriages, small trains, electric cars and electric boats are provided.

A series of performances, such as "Emperor Ascending the Throne", "Emperor's Wedding Ceremony in Qing Dynasty", begin at 10:30 every morning at various scenic spots in the Palace.

At 19:15 in the evening, the dancing drama "Oriental Pearl" is put on the stage at the Central Performance Square.
Nearly 4,000,000 People have visited the New Yuanming Palace since its opening two years ago. An aquatic playground was opened to broad visitors in the summer of 1999.

Sightseeing on Boat around Macao

Facing South China Sea, located in the western part of the Pearl River estuary, Macao is adjacent to Zhuhai in the north and facing Hong Kong across the sea in the east. The total area of Macao, including Macao peninsula and the two islands: Dangzai and Luhuan, is 23.5 square kilometers. The population of Macao is more than 400,000, among them, 95% are Chinese. Yueyu (Guangdong dialect) is their commonly spoken language.

There are many places of historic sites and scenic spots in Macao. The most famous and attractive are the Ruins of St. Paul, Mage temple, the Church on the top of Xiwangyang Mountain, Songshan Light House, Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall etc. the Hotel Lisboa and Imperial Palace are well-known for their games both at home and abroad.

Horse race, dog race and automobile race are also provided.
Sightseeing around Macao is one of the most characteristic tours in Zhuhai. Tourists start their trips around Macao eight from Xiangzhou Port, Jiuzhou Port or Wanzai Port. The Friendship Bridge, Aodang Bridge, the Lisboa Casino, President Grand Hotel and the International Financial Mansion are all present on the way.
Traveling at night, you could enjoy song and dance as well as delicious cuisine and snacks. On festival days, magnificent and charming fireworks will be displayed.

Zhuhai Jiuzhou City

Located at the downtown of Zhuhai, neighboring Shijingshan Tourist Center and the Zhuhai Guesthouse, with Guomao Super Market, Department Store and Duty Free Store as an integral whole, the building of Jiuzhou City, one of the symbols of Zhuhai, was built up in 1984. Jiuzhou City covers a total area of 15,400 square meters, including a parking lot of 2,300 square meters and shops of 5,400 square meters. The grand and magnificent city wall towers, kiosks,waterside pavilions, temples and covered corridors are of traditional Chinese architecture, elegant and simple. A variety of commodities are on sale at different bazaars.

The Zhuxian Cave

The Zhuxian Cave is located Cave is located at the western side of Nanwandadao in Wanzai Town. Strange peaks are towering magnificently and jagged rocks of grotesque shapes can be found in the cave.
In Zhuxian Cave, people could not but appreciate the inscriptions written on the strange peaks and stone sculptures make by famous sculptors. Besides, a 400-square-meter courtyard is ready for you to bake or roast your food, which will make you enjoy yourself very much.

Marvelous Spectacle in Agriculture Science -Non-earth Cultivation Tour Base

Located at the foot of Shuanglong Mountain in Meixi, Zhuhai, with mountains behind and rivers in front, the tour base has a beautiful environment, covering 600mu (1mu=0.66 hectare). It is the panorama of agriculture science for integrating the following three aspects: contemporary high-tech agricultural products, traditional agriculture cultivation and sightseeing.Senior technicians engaged in scientific research on agriculture science of hundred categories have make 30 items of achievements that are awarded by the State, Provincial and Municipal governments. At the base, people can enjoy high-tech planted vegetables, fruits and flowers.

There are gardens of plants, flowers, vegetables and birds as well as an exhibition hall of traditional farm tools, restaurant, local products market and teahouses. People can go fishing, enjoy roasted and baked food, sing songs and dance heartily. At night, tourists will live at Shuanglong Villa and the Students' Hotel, listening to the bobbling water and the singing frogs, enjoying the perfect happiness of the idyllic life.

Fishing Girl, Qinglu (Lovers) Road

Towering aloft on the shore of the picturesque Xianglu Bay, the sculpture of the Fishing Girl is the symbol of Zhuhai. Made of 70 pieces of granite, the sculpture, a masterpiece of the famous sculptor Pan He, is 8.7 meters in height and 10 tons in weight.
Built along the seashore in the city proper, with flowers and rgass on both sides, Qinglv Road is like a curling colorful ribbon and becomes a charming scenery in Xiangzhou, Zhuhai.

The South Qinglv Road, a new highway surrounding the sea built up at the end of 1997, winds it way from Gongbei to Jiuzhou Port. At sunset, gazing at the sea in distance, you will feel relaxed and happy. Looking far to the end of the road, the brilliant Macao comes into view, and its high buildings and large mansions, especially the two giant bridges across the sea, like rainbows lying on water, look most magnificent.

China Marvelous Spring-Yu (Royal) Hot Spring

Located at Doumen County, Yu Hot Spring, a marvelous multifunctional open-air hot spring, is the best holiday resort. It has more than a dozen of hot spring pools of different types and characteristics. Nine garden-style suites with separate hot spring pool are offered to distinguished guests. Tourist can select pure natural hot spring or those with some other elements.

Other facilities include deluxe health center, steam bath room, sauna and commodious lobby. Visitors can receive traditional medical massage in the 40 first class massage rooms on the second floor, so as to enhance medical effect after taking hot spring bath.
According to test by experts, the hot spring water is composed of many kinds of mineral trace elements, such as silicon acid, lithium, bromine, selenium and strontium. All of these have curative effects on many kinds of diseases. The Yu Hot Spring also has 60 holiday suites in Japanese style, a Chinese food restaurant, multifunctional halls and a fishing pond.

Zhenzhu (Pearl) Playground

Located on the shore of the beautiful Tangjia Bay and close to the Golf Links, the Zhenzhu Playground is a large recreational arena. Covering an area of 600,000 square meters, the play ground provides recreational items, such as roller coaster, high-speed sliding cars, interplanetary spiders, skyscraping wheels, aquatic bicycles, electricity operated motor cars, small trains, bumper cars, electronic games, ghost and monster rooms, and children's world. The Western Food Restaurant,Italian Pizza Hut, Chinese Food Restaurant, Fast Food Shop and Bazaar offer tourists rich and varied cuisine and snacks.

The Four Buddhist Mountains Scenic Spots

Located at the picturesque Fenghuang Mountain, surrounded by green hills and clear waters, the scenic spot covers over 400,000 square meters. the four famous Buddhist Mountains in China will be built separately along the mountain slope according to the same size of Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang Province, Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui, E'mei Mountain in Sichuan and Wutai Mountain in Shanxi. A big bronze bell weighing 3,500 kilograms hangs in Bell Tower, when struck, loud and clear sound can be heard in the distance.

Shijingshan Cableway

Situated at the foot of Shijingshan Mountain, with mountain behind and the sea in front, Shijingshan Cableway covers an area of 6,000 square meters. Services consist of Mountain Car and Sightseeing Cable Car.
The mountain car is a new product of Germany with triple-safe insurance and a speed adjuster, it is safe and reliable, and is suitable for children and the aged. The slide way on the track is 650 meters long with an average gradient of 10.20 degrees and an average height of 0.8 meters above the ground. Riding in the car is very exciting.

The cable car is the only facility for visitors to go sightseeing in the air in Zhuhai. The 350-meter-long cableway, with a moving speed of 1.25 meters per second and a transportation capacity of 500 people at one time, rises up slowly from the foot of the mountain. At Guanjingtai, Hong Kong and Macao are in full view. At night, the twinkling stars and the glimmering lights in the fishermen's boats mingle with each other. It seems as if all were in a fairyland.
Shijingshan Cableway, together with famous Jingshan Park, forms a new tourist scenic zone integrating tourism, spending holidays and recreation.

The Baishi Road

This record is a heroic and exciting history.It's about how the Chinese fought against invaders and beat them over 160 years ago. It happened in the late May and early June of the thirteenth year during Emperor Daoguang's reign (1832). Several British ships sailed into the Golden Star Gate of Qi'ao Island in the pearl sea, their purpose was to occupy the advantageous place and set up stronghold for smuggling trade and invasion. They robbed the villagers of food and cows, raped women there and committed other villainous crimes.

From this event derived name of a lane in Qi'ao Village, "The Cow Plundering Lane". Their savage crimes aroused the villagers' indignation. They got united into an organization to fight against the invaders. The British ships didn't take their defeat lying down. They mustered another 15 or 16 ships and invaded into the Qi'ao Harbor from the north side. They attacked the Tianhou Temple and Zhong Family's Ancestral Temple with dozens of cannons. Under Zhong Jiuxia's direction, hundreds of young and strong people of the Qi'ao Village piled up sandbags, built up batteries, at the fort near the Tianhou Temple of the north village. They fought back with sand and copper cannons bravely, especially Cao Yi, a sharpshooter who wasted no shot. The enemy's directing ship lost its mast and William Karl, the captain, died on the spot. The invaders had to surrender to the Qi'ao villagers and compensate three thousand liang of silver for their invasion. The villagers had a couplet written down on an erected memorial archway.

It says, "before the Qi'ao Island was annexed, we drew out swords and fought the enemy together, after the British soldiers were cornered, they threw away their armor and fled desperately." With the compensated money, they paved a 2000-meter-longslab-stone road and named it the Baishi Road.


Two pieces of marvelous giant folding stones towering loftily on the shore of the picturesque Tangjia Dalang Bay. The inscriptions "Pillar Rock Propping Heaven and Sea" written by Liu Haisu, a master of painting and calligraphy, is carved on the stone which makes the stone more famous and brilliant.

The Memorial Archways of Meixi

The Memorial Archways of Meixi consists of three elegant stone memorial archways standing before the Meixi Village, Qianshan Town. They are ancient constructions granted by Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty to Chen Fang, the first chief consul of Tanxiangshan of the Qing Dynasty Government. Now, it's ranked as a key unit of cultural relics preservation by Guangdong Province.

Chen Fang (1925-1906), whose another first name is Guofang, is from Meixi Village, Qianshan Town. In 1849, because of poverty, he sailed to Tanxiangshan of America for a living, and later obtained his wealth through running cane sugar business. He was the first millionaire in Tanxiangshan and was appointed consul of the Qing Dynasty Government in Tanxianshan. In 1890, Chen Fang went back to his hometown and put roots down there. He donated a great deal of money to the village for the good of the society. This action was highly praised by his village fellows and favored by the royal government. In the 12th and 17th year during Emperor Guangxu's reign. Emperor Guangxu respectively gave him stones with such inscriptions as "Generous and Charitable" and "Public-spirited and Kind-hearted". Four stone tablets of honor and decorated archways were erected to memorize the royal praise (one was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution). The decorated archways were constructed with various patterns on it, such as auspicious beasts, flower and fruit, human figures, calligraphic works, and the Eight Immortals of the legend, all carved exquisitely. The memorial archways, lofty and magnificent, are considered construction relies with elegance rare in the south of the Five Ridges.

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