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Shenyang Imperial Palace is located on the Shenyang Road in Shenhe District, adjacent to the busy Zhong Street. There stands the earliest palace buildings of Qing Dynasty that are still in existence today. Its construction was started in the 10th year of Tianming Period in Houjin Dynasty (1625) and completed in the 1st of Chongde in Qing Dynasty (1636). It was Nurhach and Huang Taiji who had it built and made use of it. Covering an area of 60,000 square meters,

Shenyang Imperial Palace has over 90 buildings and over 300 rooms. Centering on the Chongzheng Hall, it can be divided into the eastern, the middle, and the western parts with the axis running from Daqing Gate to the Qingning Palace.

Zhao Mausoleum

The Zhao Mausoleum is situated in the Beiling Park, the largest park in Shenyang City, north to the Taishan Road in the Huanggu District. The Zhao Mausoleum is the mausoleum of Emperor Huang Taiji and his queen, Xiao Duan Wen Borjijite. Since it is located in the north of Shenyang, it is also called the Northern Mausoleum.

Covering an area of 4,500,000 square meters, Zhao Mausoleum was the largest one among the "three Mausoleums outside the Shanhaiguan Pass" before the Qing State entered the pass, and the main part of the Beiling Park. The Beiling Park has the East Lake, the Youth Lake in the southeast, Fangxiu Garden in the southwest, and sequestered trees, singing birds and fragrant flowers in the north. The whole park boasts verdant trees and old pines reaching the sky.

Fu Mausoleum

Situated in the Dongling Park in the eastern suburb of Shenyang, Fu Mausoleum is the mausoleum of the Qing Emperor Nurhach and his queen, Xiaoci Gao Yehenala. Since it is located in the eastern suburb of Shenyang, it's also called the Eastern Mausoleum. Facing the Hun River and relying on Mt. Tianzhu,

the Fu Mausoleum covers an area of 194,800 square meters with abundant tall pines and huge buildings. Making use of the terrain, the "108 Steps" symbolize the 36 Big Dippers and the 72 Earth Devils, and is an important sign of the Fu Mausoleum.

Xinle Relics

Located on the west of Beiling Park, Xinle Relics is a site of Neolithic Age of 7,200 years ago, where an earlier matriarchy community in the primitive society once lived. Among those relics, one piece of wood artwork is especially precious. Like a big bird, it is called the Sun Bird and was the totem of the ancient ancestors. Standing high on the Square of the Municipal Government, the resplendent and magnificent sculpture of the Sun Bird has become the symbol of Shenyang City.

Zhongshan Square

Zhongshan Square sits at the crossing point of Zhongshan Road, Nanjing Street and Beisima Road. Covering an area of 26,400 square meters, its construction was started in 1931. In 1969, the square was rebuilt.
In the center of the square stands a large 10-meter-high statue of Maotsdong. On the bottom is the memorial statue group in the theme of the party seizing the power with the armed forces after the party was founded, the founding of the new China and the construction of Socialism. It is one of the cultural centers in Shenyang City.

In 1996, the municipal government made great replacements and technical renovations on the square and added some new facilities. As a result, the square has become a musical cultural square.

Monument of the Soviet Red Army Martyrs

Monument of the Soviet Red Army Martyrs is Located at the center of the square of Shenyang Railway Station. Facing Zhonghua Road, its construction was started in late August of 1945 and completed in October. It was set up to commemorate those servicemen in the Soviet tank forces who died in the battle of liberating Shenyang City. Made of granite bar stones, the monument is 24.27 meters high, consisting of the top, the main body, and the base.

The main body is 18.4m high. On its top is carved a three-dimensional five-pointed star with sickle and axe shapes, in its middle is a Soviet national emblem, and on the lower part is carved the words in Russian that "Glory belongs to the great Soviet Army" in bronze. On the lower part of both sides of the main body are carved the lead medals in sickle and axe shapes, below which are carved the names of the martyrs in bronze. On its top lies a 4.5-meter-high tank model made of bronze.

Shenyang Steam Locomotive Exhibition Museum

Shenyang Steam Locomotive Museum is situated in Sujiatun District. The museum exhibits 16 steam locomotives made from 1907 to 1960 in America, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, Romania, Belgium and China.

Marshal Zhang's Mansion

Located south to the Imperial Palace in Shenhe District, Marshal Zhang's Mansion is a rectangle yard. Covering an area of 22,000 square meters, it was once the official residence and private house of Zhang Zuolin, the leader of the Northeast Army, and General Zhang Xueliang. Now the exhibition hall of the former residence of General Zhang Xueliang has been set up.

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