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Qingdao Travel Zhanqiao Bridge

Built in 1891, Zhanqiao Bridge is the symbol of Qingdao. It is 400 meters long. At the southern end of the bridge stands a Chinese-styled octagonal pavilion named "Huilan Pavilion", where you can enjoy the scene of roaring waves and exotic rocks. To the north of the bridge lies the Zhanqiao Bridge Park, where the combination of colorful flowers, green pines and lawns presents a charming view.

Xiaoqingdao Isle

Xiaoqingdao Isle is located at the Qingdao Bay, covering an area of 0.012 square kilometers. On the islet stands a 15.5-meter-tall white lighthouse. At night, the glistening light from the lighthouse shining on the sea waves composes the famous beautiful scene of "Floating Light on the Isle".

Bathing Beaches

Qingdao's coastal line winds its way along capes and beaches. In the city there are seven bathing beaches. No.1 Bathing Beach, also called Huiquan Bathing Beach, sets defense nets against sharks, boasting calm and tranquil environment as well as clean water and fine sands. The beautiful scenery,

good facilities and sanitation have attracted a lot of tourists. No.2 Bathing Beach lies in Badaguan (Eight Great Passes) and many famous Chinese leaders once swam hers. No.3 Bathing Beach is situated to the east of Taiping Cape, adjacent to the convalescent area. It extends 400 meters. No.6 Bathing Beach, also named "Zhanqiao Bathing Beach", lies to the west of Zhanqiao Bridge, near the downtown area. The Bathing Beach in Shilaoren (Old Man Stone) National Holiday Resort stretches 2,600 meters.

Badaguan and Taiping Cape

In Badaguan (Eight Great Passes), located on the beautiful Huiquan Bay beach in the middle part of the city, avenues are named after China's famous passes. All the avenues undulate with the terrain and trees along the roads vary from one avenue to another.

There are Chinese flowering crabapples,crape myrtle, cypresses, gingkoes, cedars and Chinese parasols. In spring and summer, the avenues are overwhelmed with brilliant colors of different flowers; while in autumn and winter, they are covered with golden leaves. More than 200 villas in different styles are located here, which is locally called "Exposition zone of World Architectures".

Huiquan Square

The Huiquan square lies in the middle of Wendeng Road, covering an area of 13.43 hectares. It was completed and opened in August 1992. the south part of the square is a musical fountain square of 100 meters in length and 30 meters in width, which is the largest one in China.It is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Qingdao City. .

The 36.5-meter-hith triangle glass sculpture is to symbolize 365 days in a yearThe north part of the square is a Manila lawn doted with arbors and flowers.

Sight-seeing TV Tower

The 232-meter-high tower stands on the top of Taiping Hill in Julin Park. It is a multi-functional tower for both sightseeing and entertainment.

Scenery in the East

Viewed from the sea, the east part of the magnificent metropolis on the Qingdao coast looks like the Victoria Bay of Hong Kong. The construction of the eastern zone began in 1992, with the Hi-tech Industrial Park and Shilaoren National Holiday Resort to its east, the old city proper to its west,the sea to its south and the Fushan Hill to its north. It is planned to divide the zone into office and administration district,

business and commerce district and seashore tourism district, each equipped with multi-functional buildings, well-developed infrastructure and modern apartments and villas. Hundreds of mansions have been set up along with the beautiful scenery of sea and green land. This huge reconstruction project has turned this area into a modern urban zone with comprehensive functions such as administration, business and commerce, finance and information, culture and entertainment as well as tourism and sightseeing. It is the very reflection of the new Qingdao.

Mount Laoshan

Known as the "Top Spectacular Mountain on the Sea", Mount Laoshan borders the Yellow Sea. The highest peak has an elevation of 1,133 meters. It towers over the sea with precipitous cliffs and clear streams running through the rocks, so it has been called "Immortals' Cavern" or "Spirits' Fairyland". It was recorded in the book "Records of Qi" that "Though Mount Tai boasts its marvelous clouds, it cannot be compared with those of the Mount Laoshan".

In ancient times, the emperors of Qin and Han dynasties climbed the mountain to seek immortals. Emperor Tang Minghuang also sent people to make pills of immortality here. Many men of letters in history had traveled here. Mount Laoshan enjoyed the fame of the Second Monastery of the Taoist Quanzhen Sect. In its heyday, there were nine Taoist palaces, eight temples and seventy-two Buddhist nunneries. The Laoshan Taoists were well known throughout the country. The scenery of Mount Laoshan is characterized by unique stones and caves, clean springs and waterfalls, and paths winding through high peaks. The cultural sites and natural scenes add radiance and beauty to each other. In 1982,

it has been rated as one of the national tourist attractions by the State Council. There are three routes leading to the mountain with different scenery the middle, the southern and the eastern routes.

Scenic Spots in the Suburbs

Tianheng Island, Stone Forest of Horse Hill, Xufu Temple, Daze Mountain, Stele of Northern Wei Dynasty in Tianzhu Mountain, Langya Terrace.

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