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Haikou Travel Xixiu Seaside Park

Xixiu Seaside Park used to be Xiuying Bathing Beach, which is a national training base for sailing boats. Next to the Holiday Seaside, Xixiu Seaside Park occupies 100mu, and the coastline is 1.2km. According to the plan of the State General Administration of Sports and Haikou municipal government, Xixiu Seaside Park will be built into a multi-functional seaside fit for race, sport, relaxation and entertainment, which contains an international training and competing base for sailing boat, an international yacht dock, a public beach for swimming and water sports, and offers seaside tours and related services. The tour items at present are: Water Sports Center (including motorboat, sailing boat), Seaside Service Center (including beach football, beach volleyball and sandy beach arena for entertainment), Sunshine Theatre, Barbecue Ground and Beer Heaven.

Wanlv Garden

Wanlv Garden lies in the eastern part of the Tianhai District of Haikou, at the middle part of the Binhai Road. The Garden occupies an area of 1070mu. Wanlv Garden gains the features of tropical seaside and ecological garden. It puts the azure sky, blue seawater, wildness, and modern building together. It focuses on tropical plants in Hainan, while there are tropical and sub-tropical plants from other parts of the country. All these reflect the scenery of the tropical zone, the specialty of the seaside and the characteristics of the international tourist city.
There are 16 tourist attractions and many places with scenic beauty in Wanlv Garden, and the scenes are various and the contents are rich. The 16 tourist attractions are the Front Gate Area, the Square, the Inside Lake Area, Children's Park, the Lawn Area, the Bamboo area, Tropical Plants Area, Golf Area, and so on.
Address: Binhai Road, Haikou
Tel: 8540185
Post Code: 570105

People's Park

The People's Park was founded in 1951. It is located in Daying Hill in the urban area of Haikou City, with a height of 20 meters above sea level and an area of 350mu. At the main entrance to the park, there's the Hainan Liberation Monument. Founded in April 1954, it has an inscription by Zhu De. The park is divided into sections including that of Sightseeing on the lake, the Martyrs Memorial, the Specimen of Tropical Plants and an orchid garden. etc.

The sculpture and memorial pavilion of General Feng Baiju are located in the Martyrs Memorial Section.

Jinniuling Park

Jinniuling Park is just like a dark green jade setting in the center of Haikou. It is 36m above sea level, and the area is more than 100 hectares. There are two parts in the park. One is the Botanical Garden, and the other is the Zoo.
In the Botanical Garden, there are man-made lake, tropical forest area, fruit orchard and bamboo area, etc. It is green all year round in this garden, and the air is fresh and the scenery is beautiful. The waterfall area, which is rich in tropical garden scenes, is unique in design, and imposing.

There are Elephant Center, Monkey Hill, Bear Center, Beast Center, Zebra Center and Reptile Center in the Zoo of Jinniuling Park. The animals here fall into nine classes and more than 500 species, and the total number is over 1000. In the zoo, you can see some rare animals such as panda, northeast tiger, etc.
Address: Haixiu Road, Haikou
Tel: 8924957, 8914827

Seaside Park

The seaside Park is located at the golden area of Seaside Avenue. It's by the sea, next to Wanlv Garden and Finance and Trade Area. It has a picturesque landscape, and a convenient transport.
The first part of the project was opened to the public on January 3,1996. With an area of 733mu, it's a modern comprehensive amusement park, which integrates horticulture appreciation, sightseeing and entertainment. The pleasure ground of the park-Dream Park has more than ten different sets of entertainment equipment, all imported from Italy. Among them are small trains, slides etc. for children as well as roller coaster, bumper cars etc. for adults. There is a square called Pigeon Square; you can take a stroll there. Other facilities include electronic game houses, local specialty shops, restaurants, teahouses and photograph services.

Hainan Dongshan Lake Wildlife Park

Dongshan Lake lies in the beautiful Lingbei Reservoir Area of Dongshan Town, Qiongshan City. It is 27km away from Haikou, and near the middle line of Haiyu. Its area is more than 2000mu. The park integrates animal protection, breeding, scientific research, culture and appreciation of animals. Over 5000 animals here fall into more than 100 classes, and they are put in a natural place. There are three parts in the park: Driving Area, Walking Area and Service Area. Tiger, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, bear, ostrich and other animals are put in the natural place to breed in the Driving Area. In the Walking Area, herbivores, such as zebra and giraffe, are put in suitable place, and there are man-made Monkey Hill, Bird Heaven, Crocodile Lake, Hippo Lake and Snake Island. Tourists can hear the birds singing and see the game between men and monkey here. There is Distinguished Guest Building, garden restaurant, Food Street and Handicraft Street in the Service Area. This area can provide excellent service while you are enjoying the time here with its complete service.
Address: Lingbei, Dongshan Town, Qiongshan City, Hainan
Tel: 6760206
Entrance Ticket: 80 Yuan
Open Time: 8:30-17:50

Nantai Crocodile Lake Zoo

Nantai Crocodile Lake Zoo lies in the west of Haikou. It occupies an area of more than 2000mu. There is expressway to the east of the lake, and sea to the west. It is 20km away from Haikou, so it is convenient to get there, and the scenery is very beautiful.
With a total investment of 180,000,000 yuan, the zoo is founded by Mr. Yang Haiquan from Thailand, who is the Crocodile-breeding King, and entrepreneur in Hainan. The whole garden is designed in a special way.

In the garden are County Area with Thailand Custom, Children's Area, Crocodile Show Center and Tiger and Elephant Show Center. There are more than 10,000 crocodiles in the lake. You can taste crocodile feast cooked by chefs from Thailand in the Crocodile Restaurant, and buy real crocodile products in the Crocodile Store here.
Address: Yingbin Tour Development Zone, old town of Chengmai County, Hainan.
Tel: 7488380
Post Code: 571200

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