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Chengdu travel The Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Base

The Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Base was built to imitate the wild ecological environment of pandas. It covers a space of 560 mu, with a green coverage of 96 percent. The base created a perfect ecological environment for the living and breeding of pandas and other precious and rare wild animals. It breeds over 20 pandas and lesser pandas, black-necked cranes, white cranes and others.

It is a panda breeding scientific research institute built in accordance with international standards for the purpose of rescuing the endangered wild animal, i.e. the panda. It includes a scientific research building, an open research laboratory, an animal hospital, an animal house, a panda playground, a swan lake, a panda museum, and a comprehensive service department. Here, green bamboo and trees, birds, and flowers combined with man-made sights constitute the living and breeding place for pandas and other rare animals. Till 1998, the base had bred 32 pandas, giving birth to 48 baby pandas, of which 28 lived, and accomplished scientific research in over 50 related subjects, winning more than 30 awards.
The base has won the UN Environmental Program's award of the "global 500 best", and the gold award of green science and technology of China, an excellent national project of environment control, 100 advanced units of green plantation of Sichuan Province, and the title of model base of popular science education of Sichuan Province.
To achieve the aim of protecting and expanding the wild species of panda and finally returning them to their natural habitat, the base imitated the wild ecological environment of pandas in its second and third stages of construction.

Wonder of Nature-Taizi Town (The Town of Prince)

Like an ancient castle, the Pengzhou Taizi Town is located on Feilai peak of the Longmen mountains, 4,770 meters above sea level. It is the remains of the geographical movement of Longmen Mountains, and is of great value to geographical scientific surveys and mountaineering.

Mountain Lake-Ganlong Lake

Located in the north of Pengzhou under Chengdu city, Ganlong Lake is 4,500 meters above sea level. It is an ancient glacier lake on Longmen Mountains. Here, visitors could appreciate the remains of ancient glaciers, stone desert on high mountains, and a sea of cloud. It is of precious value for scientific research, mountaineering, expeditions and tourism

Anzihe Panda Natural Reserve

Anzihe Panda Natural Reserve is located in the northwest of Chongzhou city, 98 km from Chengdu city. It is a forest and wild animal nature reserve involved mainly in the protection of wild pandas and rare wild animals and their ecological environment. It is connected with Wolong, Baoxing Fengtongzhai and Tianquan Labahe natural reserves to constitute the Qionglai Mountains panda protection network,

to effectively protect the exchanges of panda groups and their stable life and expansion.

Yincang Valley

The valley is located in the north of Pengzhou, extending over 30km. It forms the main part of the Longmen Mountains scenic spot. Here, the valley is deep and winding, with waterfalls pouring down and strange rocks standing. Plank roads were built along the face of the cliff.

Ice on Masong Mountain

In the 2,200-meter-high mountains in the north of Pengzhou, visitors can see stretches of various-shaped ice in winter. The ice scenes on Masong Mountains include ice pagoda, ice pillar, ice bamboo shoot, ice curtains and ice balls.

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