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Wenzhou, a rich city of industrials and of emigrants
Wenzhou, is a prefecture city of Zhejiang Province, located in the south eastern of China. It has a population of about 9 million people. In the past waves of emigration to Europe and the United States started from here. Most of the Chinese in Italy, comes from this city and surrounding counties. Wenzhou is one of the most dynamic cities of China, in the past was listed in the top 10 Chinese cities with most economic dynamism. Over the past 10 years has seen the birth of Wenzhou dozens of new hotels and hundreds of great restaurants. The nightlife in Wenzhou is very vibrant, that characterize the city. Near Wenzhou there are three national scenic areas: Yandang Mountain, Baizhangji & Feiyun Lake Scenic Area (Wencheng County), Nanxi River Scenic Area. Baizhangji & Feiyun Lake Scenic Area, listed as a National Key Scenic Area, well known for its splendid lakes and wonderful cascades. The Nanxi River Scenic Area, this is the only national overview area characterized by the rural landscape of China. In Wenzhou area there are also two National Nature Reserves: Nanji Islands Marine Nature Reserve (under the protection of UNESCU) and Wuyanling National Nature Reserve (Taishun County).

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Ouchang Hotel, Wenzhou
Ouchang Hotel, Wenzhou To the Airport Km40, to the Railway Station Km5.5, The Ouchang Hotel (Ouchang fandian) is a Sino-Japanese joint venture hotel located on the Xueshan Road, in the heart of the city. Banqueting facilities provides nationwide delicacies, famous dishes and Chinese and Western refreshments. 108 rooms with facilities. Renowned health club.
Not available

Cangnan Wanhao Hotel
Cangnan Wanhao Hotel To the coach station:5km To Chengzhong Road: 5km To Industrial zone: 1km To Seafood market: 4.5km To Shenrong Market: 3km, Cangnan Wanhao Hote is founded in 2007. It is a modern hotel constructed according to the national four-star standard. This hotel is located in the Station Road of Cangnan, adjacent to the government office, south to the National Forest Park- Yucang Mountain, and east to Yuliao scenic spots which is known as "Oriental Hawaii". It' s a good choice for tourism-business, meeting-talks, and leisure-entertainment.
Not available

Jiangxin Riverview Hotel, Wenzhou
Jiangxin Riverview Hotel, Wenzhou Distance from the airport: 39km Distance from Wenzhou railway station: 45km Distance from downtown: 7km, River View Hotel is situated at the west side of Jiangxin Islet, the intersection of Jiangxin Islet and Yongjia Industrial area. Covered by green plants, it boasts charming sceneries.
Not available

Wenzhou Treasure Island Hotel
Wenzhou Treasure Island Hotel 1km to Wenzhou Railway Station; 3km to Remin Road business street; 3km to Time Square; 20km to Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport; 5km to Wenzhou South Railway Station; 5km to Jiangxin Island Park., Located in the city center, Wenzhou Treasure Island Hotel (Wenzhou Jinyindao Dajiudian) is just 1km to Wenzhou Railway Station and Renmin Road Business Street. It also takes about 20 minutes by taxi to Yongqiang Airport, South Railway Station and Jiangxin Island Park.
Not available

S'signature Floor Hotel, Wenzhou
S'signature Floor Hotel, Wenzhou Distance from city center: 0km, distance from railway station: 7km, distance from airport: 35km, Located on the Wangjiang Road, Integration of modern and ancient point, Known as the Wenzhou bund title, Wenzhou S`signatureFloor hotel is built in accordance with the International Managerment Group Conceptualization of the five-star model construction standards(the first)Boutique hotel, We design all the rooms with the creative conception of five-visuals, The moments you enter the S`signaturefloor hotel Wenzhou, You will truly feel an experience touching the five senses of sight, sleek, sound, savor, scent.
Not available

Super 8 Hotel-Wenzhou Xing Rong
Super 8 Hotel-Wenzhou Xing Rong - 1 kilometers 20 minutes to the airport - 2 kilometers 2 minutes to the long-distance bus station - 88 clean and comfortable rooms - 7 kilometers 10 minutes to the railway station, Super 8 Hotel Wenzhou Xing Rong is located on No. 78 Wenzhou Avenue. From the hotel it is approximately 600 meters to the Yongtaiwen Expressway entrance and 10 kilometers to the airport. The Wenzhou East long-distance bus station is located to the West of the hotel and to the East, lies Long Wan's transportation center. Directly outside the entrance of the hotel are several bus lines that connect directly to downtown.
Not available

Wenzhou Yajin Hotel
Wenzhou Yajin Hotel Away airport: 30km, away railway station: 4km, away city center: 0.5km; Surrounding landscape :River center island, Ma'anchi park, Zhongshan park, Five horses street, The hotel is not far from the railway station, and about 18km from the airport.
Not available

Shunsheng Hotel, Wenzhou
Shunsheng Hotel, Wenzhou Away from city center:0.1km Away from train station:25km Away from airport:40km Away from bus station:10km, The Shunsheng Hotel is a four star hotel located on Lucheng Road. The hotel enjoys a good location where it is on the side of Jiuhua Lake and the thriving business street -- Renmin Road is within walking distance.
Not available

Huifeng business hotel
Huifeng business hotel Away airport: 28km, away railway station: 6km Surrounding landscape: Zhongshan park, Ma'anchi park, River center island, The Huifeng business hotel is located NO.2 Nanpu Wenzhou city, the adjacent train station, the new south station, the transportation convenience, the environment exquisite, the geographical position is advantageous.
Not available

City Inn Bandao, Wenzhou
City Inn Bandao, Wenzhou Away airport :28km, away railway station:6km, away city center:0km Surrouding langscape : Zhongshan park, Maanchi park, Jiangxin island, Away airport :28km, away railway station:6km, away city center:0km Surrouding langscape : Zhongshan park, Maanchi park, Jiangxin island
Not available

Sunshine Holiday Business Hotel, Wenzhou
Sunshine Holiday Business Hotel, Wenzhou Distance from city center: 4km Distance from railway station: 1km Distance from airport: 16km, Sunshine Holiday Business Hotel is an economy business hotel mainly serves the business guests. With an exclusively excellent location, it is situated at the crossing of Shifu Road and Chezhan Avenue, only 10 minutes' walk to the municipal government and the railway station, and 20 minutes' drive to the airport.
Not available

Wenzhou Causeway Bay Holiday Hotel
Wenzhou Causeway Bay Holiday Hotel 10-min-walk to Jingshan Park; 4km to Wenzhou Botanical Garden; 5km to Wenzhou Zoo; 7km to Wuma Street; 8km to Wenzhou Railway Station; 28km to Wenzhou Airport., Causeway Bay Holiday Hotel is near to Jingshan Park and Gaoxiang Industrial Park, with easy access to the prosperous Wuma Street business street. The 17-storey property features 115 rooms and suites. Room amenities include central air conditioning, IDD, DDD, satellite LCD TV, broadband internet access, mini bar, and so on.
Not available

Wenzhou New South Asia Hotel Wireless Internet
Wenzhou New South Asia Hotel Traffic stuation :away from airport: 25km, away railway staation: 3.5km, away city center: 0km. Surrounding landscape: Jiangxin island, Zhongshan park, Xiushan park., The hotel is located at the Railway Station area, close to the city's airport as well. The hotel is easily accessible from all parts of the city and with only a few minutes' drive from the city center.
Not available

Binhai Grand Hotel, Wenzhou Wireless Internet
Binhai Grand Hotel, Wenzhou Distance from railway station: 20km, distance from airport: 4., Binhai Grand Hotel is located in the LongWan District of Wenzhou nearby OuHai Boulevard, Airport Express, is 4 Km away from Wenzhou International Airport and 25 km. away from Wenzhou City Center. Binhai Grand Hotel is the first luxury five star hotel in the LongWan District. It is conveniently located.
Not available

Taishun Dongquan(Spring) Hotel
Taishun Dongquan(Spring) Hotel Distance from the airport: 108km (100 minutes drive) Distance from the railway station:98km (90 minutes drive) Distance from downtown: 98km (100 minutes drive) Distance from Wenzhou exhibition center: 102km (100 minutes drive) Distance from the long distance bus station: 100km (100 minutes drive), Dongquan(Spring) Hotel is located in Taishun County, which is known as a provincial natural conservation area, national ecological county and one of the four major scenic spots in Wenzhou.
Not available

Wenzhou Jiangjun Hotel Wireless Internet
Wenzhou Jiangjun Hotel 2km to downtown Wenzhou, 5km to the railway station, 20km to the airport., The 4-star Jiangjun Hotel, located next to Jingshan Park, is about 20 kilometers from the airport and 8 kilometers from the railway station.
Not available

Ruidu Business Hotel(Zhanqian Branch)
Ruidu Business Hotel(Zhanqian Branch) Located in downtown area of east district Station, Wenzhou City, adjacent to Wenzhou Railway Station, new South Station, Wenzhou clothing wholesale market, Times Square shopping center, transportation is very convenient., Ruidu business Hotel use "my home, my hotel, " as serve purpose, the company adhering to "people-oriented" modern management concept, with comfortable, convenient and fashionable operation theory, through the quality management system, high-quality professional services and high-efficiency marketing strategy, create Ruidu chain hotel brand.
Not available

wenzhou junyao hotel
wenzhou junyao hotel 25km to Yongqiang airport; 2km to Wenzhou railway station, city center and Wuma Street., The Junyao Hotel (Junyao Binguan) is situated within easy reach of the Wenzhou Exhibition Center, Wenzhou University and Wenzhou Stadium.
Not available

Wenzhou Dongou Hotel
Wenzhou Dongou Hotel To downtown: 3km To airport: 20km To train station: 0.1km, The Dongou Hotel (Dong'ou Dajiudian) is a tourist hotel located on Wenzhou Avenue next to Wenzhou Railway Station and Oujiang Shopping Mall.
Not available

Rong Tai Business Hotel
Rong Tai Business Hotel -- to Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport: 25 km -- to South Railway Station: 15 km -- 5 minutes' walk to Remin Road, Five Horses Street, The hotel is located in Lane 11, No.67 Xueshan Road, inside the Xuesong clothing city, near Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, is a three-star standard boutique hotel opened in June 2013. The hotel is next to Jingshan Zoo, 104 State Road, Renmin Road, Five Horses Street, 25 km from Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport, 15 km from South Railway Station.
Not available

Jinsidun Hotel - Wenzhou
Jinsidun Hotel - Wenzhou Railway Station Wenzhou Railway Station 6 km Airport Wenzhou YongQiang Airport 38 km Downtown Wuma Street 1 km, Located in the bustling downtown area, the Jinsidun Hotel (Jinsidun Ouqing Binguan) is close to Zhongshan Park and Danlu Square, a shopping center popular for international commodities.
Not available

Wenzhou Jiangnan Spring City Hotel
Wenzhou Jiangnan Spring City Hotel Railway Station Wenzhou Railway Station 1 km Airport Wenzhou YongQiang Airport 19.16 km Downtown Wuma Street 5 km Railway Station New Railway Station 6 km, The Jiangnan Spring City Hotel (Jiangnan Chuntian Chengshi Binguan) is a business hotel located conveniently close to downtown area. It is only a three-minute drive from the railway station and 12 minutes from the new railway station.
Not available

Jinmao Huangguan Hotel - Wenzhou
Jinmao Huangguan Hotel - Wenzhou Railway Station Wenzhou Railway Station 0.5 km Airport Wenzhou YongQiang Airport 30 km, The Jinmao Crown Hotel (Jinmao Huangguan Dajiudian) grants guests easy access to the nearby railway station.
Not available

Dongquan International Hotel - Taishun
Dongquan International Hotel - Taishun Downtown People's Square 99 km, The Dongquan International Hotel (Dongquan Chengtian Dajiudian) is a tourist hotel located in the Provincial Nature Reserve, and is only a 30-minute drive from the "Sister Bridge" tourist attraction, reputed to be the most beautiful arched bridge in the world.
Not available

Wenzhou Golden Coast New Century Resort
Wenzhou Golden Coast New Century Resort From the 50 minute drive from Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport, an hour drive of the Wenzhou Railway Station, a 1 hour drive from Wenzhou city, Located on Sanpan Island, the Golden Coast New Century Resort (Jin Hai'an Kaiyuan Dujiacun) is within 30 minutes of Dongtou County's most iconic attractions including Wanghai Pavilion, Zhongputuo Temple, Xiandieyan Scenic Spot, Haixia Military Theme Park and Banping Mountain.
Not available

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