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Nanjing, the former Capital, today a vibrant tourist city
Nanjing, is the capital of Jiangsu Province, in the east of China. It has a population of about 5,2 million people and is one of the most beautiful and wealthy city in all of China, being rich in wide avenues, stylish condos and breathtaking skyscrapers, apart from being immersed in a fascinating landscape of lakes, forests and rivers. To all this adds a very old history, that has seen the city became capital of the country twice over: during the early years of the Ming Dynasty and in the beginning of twentieth century, when it became the seat of government of the Chinese Republic. Among the most significant monuments of Nanjing there are the city walls of the Ming period, the mausoleum of Sun Yat-Sen, the Memorial Hall of the Nanjing massacre, the Confucius Temple (Fuzi Miao) and the bell tower (Zhonglou), as well as drum tower (Gulou). Linggu Temple is surrounded by trees aged but still thriving, and is allegedly the best Buddhist temple in the world. The Confucius Temple, it was a place devoted to Confucius, the great philosopher and formator in ancient China. It 'also known as Fuzimiao and many more. The climate annual of Nanjing is about 15C and in the summer is very hot, in fact its one of the 3 hottiest cities in China and in the of mid-June to July, it is the rain period.

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Nanjing dragon The Heights Hotel
Nanjing dragon The Heights Hotel - The Qinglongshanzhuang Hotel (Qinglongshanzhuang Jiudian) is situated close to a football training base. The Nanjing Lukou International Airport is about 24 km away.
Business Standard Room included 2 Breakfast83.00 USDBook

Nanjing Jinling Conference Center International Expo Center Hotel
Nanjing Jinling Conference Center International Expo Center Hotel - 40 km to Lukou Airport; - 20 km to Nanjing Railway Station. - Nanjing International Conference & Exhibition Center, standing in the heart of the new west-river city of Nanjing, is the large landmark of this district. The Center takes up 540,000 square-meters and was designed by the chief designer of U.S TVS Co, Ltd.
Superior Room included 2 Breakfast69.00 USDBook

Fraser Suites Nanjing
Fraser Suites Nanjing 10km to downtown, 15km to railway station, 30km to airport, 5km to exhibition center, 10km to harbor, 15km to coach station - The Fraser Suites Nanjing (Nanjing Renheng Huishengge Guojigongyu) is located in Nanjing's commercial center. Room options range from one-bedroom suites to three-bedroom suites. Each suite is fully tech-equipped with DVD player, LCD TV and home theater. The balcony affords a stunning city view, while the suite is equipped with comprehensive kitchenware.
One Bedroom Classic Suite 144.00 USDBook

Nanjing Zhongshan Hotel
Nanjing Zhongshan Hotel To Airport: 43km; To Railway Station: 4.5km; To City Center: 1km; To New Street: 1km Surrounding landscape: Xuanwu Lake, Presidential Palace, Jinyin Shopping Center, Jinling Shopping Center, Xinbai, Orient Market - The Zhongshan Hotel (Zhongshan Mansion) located in the city business and financial dictrict. Its elegant environment, modern facilities and superb service will make you feel right at home.
Business Standard Room 51.00 USDBook

Nanjing Grand Yu Lan Ting Hotel
Nanjing Grand Yu Lan Ting Hotel -- to city center Xinjiekou: 3.5km -- to Nanjing Railway Station: 7km -- to Zhongyangmen coach station: 7km -- to Lukou Airport: 38km -- to International Exhibition Center: 4.9km -- to Zhongshan Tomb: 3km - Nanjing Grand Yu Lan Ting Hotel is an carefully crafted boutique business hotel by Grand Group, located in the city's bustling main road--Zhongshan Ease Road, close to the 5A scenic area --Zhongshan Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, Nanjing Museum, Ming Palace Ruins points of Interest and other famous sites; is only 8 minutes' drive to Xinjiekou--first shopping district in China, about 3 minutes' walk to Metro Line 2 Ming Palace station; You 1, You 2, No.17, No.29 and No. 9 more than ten bus lines can reach hotel directly; surroundings are: the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, PLA University of Science, Nanjing Agricultural University and other institutions of higher learning, a strong cultural heritage, elegant environment and convenient transportation.
Preferential Twin Room 37.00 USDBook

Jinjiang Hotel - Nanjing
Jinjiang Hotel - Nanjing - 3km to Xuanwumen; - 3km to Gulou Square; - 5km to Nanjing Railway Station; - 50km to Nanjing Lukou Railway Station. - Jinjiang Hotel was built in 1936. A slightly old-fashioned building, it is located in downtown Nanjing and surrounded by a park. The hotel is 5 kilometers from the railway station and 14 kilometers from the airport.
Standard Twin Room 46.00 USDBook

Hilton Hotel Nanjing
Hilton Hotel Nanjing The Hilton Hotel Nanjing is conveniently located only 30 minutes by car from the Nanjing Lukou International Airport and ten minutes from the city center. The famous Nanjing Museum is alongside the Hilton Hotel Nanjing whilst 200 meters away is the historical Zhongshan Gate. - Located in city center, it is the finest and first internationally managed 5 star hotel in Nanjing.
Superior Room 95.00 USDBook

Nanjing Suofeite Yinhe Hotel
Nanjing Suofeite Yinhe Hotel 45 km to the airport; 5 km to Nanjing Railway Station; 3 km to the city centre. - Set in the heart of the Hunan Road business district, The Sofitel Galaxy Nanjing (Nanjing Suofeite Yinhe Dajiudian) offers some of the finest luxury accommodations in the city.
Superior Twin Room 105.00 USDBook

Daji Resort & Spa Village - Nanjing
Daji Resort & Spa Village - Nanjing - 30KM to Nanjing Railway Station; - 70KM to Nanjing Airport, it costs about 100RMB and one hour by taxi; - 40KM to city center; - 50KM to South Railway Station - Daji Resort & Spa Village - Nanjing is the membership of daji group ,covers an area of 1.5 million square meters, construction area of 10,000 square meters. Is the melting spa tourism, accommodation, catering, entertainment, meeting as one four-star tourist resort casual Holy Land.
Big Bed Room included 2 Breakfast62.00 USDBook

Nanjing Tianfeng Hotel
Nanjing Tianfeng Hotel 0km to downtown, 8km to railway station, 45km to airport. - The 4-star Nanjing Tianfeng Hotel is located in No.26 Hong Wu Road or No.54 East Zhongshan Road, the business central of Nanjing.
Business Standard Room 59.00 USDBook

Nanjing Shuguang Guoji Hotel
Nanjing Shuguang Guoji Hotel - 2.5km to Nanjing International Exhibition Center; - 5km to Gulou Square; - 12km to Zhongshan Mausoleum; - 47km to Nanjing Lukou Airport. - Shuguang International Hotel (Shuguang Guoji Dajiudian) is located to the west of Nanjing Railway Station within easy reach of Zijin Mountain, Xuanwu Lake and Hongshan Forest Park, adjacent to the Xinzhuang Exhibition Hall and Zhongshan Golf Course.
Executive Twin Room 91.00 USDBook

Nanjing Hongqiao Hotel
Nanjing Hongqiao Hotel To Nanjing Lukou Airport: 50km To Nanjing Railway Station: 4km To downtown: 3.5km - Hong Qiao Hotel Nanjing lies on North Zhongshan Road, which is called the golden district of commerce in Nanjing. It is adjacent to many well-known sites such as Xuanwu Lake, New Street Crossing, and Fuzi Temple. The transportation is perfect: 10mins to Nanjing Railway Station, 10mins to Nanjing Bus Station, and 60mins to Lukou Airport.
Standard Twin Room 38.00 USDBook

Nanjing Konggang Hotel
Nanjing Konggang Hotel Nanjing Lukou International Airport: 1 km Downtown (Xinjiekou): 50 km - The Nanjing Airport Hotel (Konggang Binguan) is located to the south of Lukou Airport's lobby lounge. Various guestrooms, a grand dining hall, and 11 deluxe private banquet rooms are available for use and booking.
Bunisess Twin Room included 1 Breakfast65.00 USDBook

Tangshan Shengquan Wenquancheng Nanjing
Tangshan Shengquan Wenquancheng Nanjing 9km to downtown, 28km to Nanjing railway station, 30km to airport - Tangshan Sheng Quan Hotspring Hotel is located in Tangshan Town and features natural hot spring, only 9 kilometers from the city center.
Business Big Bed Room 36.00 USDBook

Nanjing Jiuhua Hotel
Nanjing Jiuhua Hotel - Nanjing's Jiuhua Hotel (Jiuhua Fandian) is located at the intersection of East Beijing Road and Middle Longpan Road, west of the scenic Zijin Shan area and north of Jiuhuashan Park.
Deluxe Big Bed Room included 1 Breakfast71.00 USDBook

Daguan Shijie Hotel - Nanjing
Daguan Shijie Hotel - Nanjing Railway Station Nanjing South Railway Station 21.5 km Railway Station Nanjing Railway Station 5.2 km Airport Nanjing Lukou International Airport 52.1 km Downtown Xinjiekou 8 km - The Nanjing Daguan Shijie Hotel (Nanjing Daguan Shijie Jiudian) is located in Nanjing's Daguantiandi, popular as a shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure venue. From this hotel's location in north-central Nanjing, guests can conveniently get to local tourist sights.
Superior Big Bed Room 54.00 USDBook

Longhua Hotel - Nanjing
Longhua Hotel - Nanjing Railway Station Nanjing South Railway Station 24 km Railway Station Nanjing Railway Station 20.27 km Airport Nanjing Lukou International Airport 50.34 km Downtown Xinjiekou 15.9 km - The Nanjing Longhua Hotel (Nanjing Longhua Dajiudian) is located at the intersection of Puzhu Road, Nationa Road 312 and Ninghe Expressway.
Deluxe Big Bed Room included 2 Breakfast58.00 USDBook

Tianhong Shanzhuang - Nanjing
Tianhong Shanzhuang - Nanjing Railway Station Nanjing South Railway Station 17.6 km Railway Station Nanjing Railway Station 12.9 km Airport Nanjing Lukou International Airport 46.6 km Downtown Xinjiekou 11.5 km - The Nanjing Noble Mountain Clubhouse (Nanjing Tianhong Shanzhuang Huisuo) is located at the foot of Zijin Hill.
Deluxe Standard Room 47.00 USDBook

Zhen Bao Holiday Hotel - Nanjing
Zhen Bao Holiday Hotel - Nanjing Park/Amusement Park/Attraction/Scenic Area Confucius Temple 5 km Exhibition Center/Stadium Nanjing Olympic Sports Center 1 km Railway Station Nanjing South Railway Station 12.8 km Railway Station Nanjing Railway Station 13.79 km Airport Nanjing Lukou International Airport 39.69 km Downtown Xinjiekou 7 km - Nanjing's Zhenbao Holiday Hotel (Zhenbao Jiari Fandian) is located on Middle Jiangdong Road, near many of the city's main tourist and entertainment attractions.
Economy Room 55.00 USDBook

Taihe Zijin Hotel - Nanjing
Taihe Zijin Hotel - Nanjing Railway Station Nanjing South Railway Station 10.9 km Railway Station Nanjing Railway Station 6.83 km Airport Nanjing Lukou International Airport 41.24 km Downtown Xinjiekou 2.08 km -
Elegant Big Bed Room (no window) 41.00 USDBook

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