Hainan is a beautiful tropical island with warm weather all year around. Located in South China Sea, in recent years Hainan has been a big increase in visitors (especially Chinese) and has expanded its infrastructure in view of further tourist boom. It is classified as the Special Economic Zone and is open to foreign investments.

Hainan Island is the province of People¡¯s Republic of China (PRC). The name Hainan means south of the sea. The island is in the Nanhai Sea or South China Sea. It is the smallest province and second largest island province under PRC administration. The capital of Hainan Island is Haikou City, which is located in the Northern part of the island. It is classified as one of the special economic zones of PRC. It is the winter vacation paradise for the Chinese. During winter, thousands of the Northern Chinese residents throng to the warm and breathtaking beaches of Hainan province. The island is located in the same latitude as Hawaii and has a tropical monsoon climate. Therefore, it earned the fame of Eastern Hawaii.

An ancient island with indigenous tribe
It is one of the ancient islands. The island is still inhabited by its indigenous tribe named Li. They are now residing mostly in central and southern part of the island. The large influx of migrations from main land has pushed them to the inlands. The island has ancient culture, customs and rich history glory thriving through the ages and still clings among all the changes that engulf the paradise island. It is a major tourist hub for mainlanders as well as international tourists.

A Special Economic Zone open to foreign investments
Since its conversion into Special Economic Zone, the Government has opened up for investors investing in projects related to tourism. The real estate is at its massive boom. Much influential Chinese, hold vacation homes in this Eastern tropical paradise. There are new projects to develop and build resorts, restaurants, hotels, golf clubs and theme parks. Some investors believe that, PRC is turning the islands to the likes of Monaco, Hawaii and Las Vegas. It is also strategically important intelligence facility for monitoring signals from commercial satellites. The region produces rubber, coconut, cocoa, pineapple, passion fruit, lychees, mangos, longans, coffee, tea, cashews, teak, sandalwood and sugarcane. The island has rich mineral deposits. Iron ore is pre dominantly mined here apart from manganese, bauxite, copper, silver, gold, molybdenum and cobalt. Because of its proximity to sea, fishing is another major livelihood for the people. Prawns, scallops, shrimps, Spanish mackerel, tuna and pearl harvesting are caught and sold to mainland and exported as well.

Beaches, crystal clear waters, exotic animals, hot springs
Like any other famed tourist locations in the world, the Hainan Island has undergone massive changes. It is the tropical paradise destination of the Chinese and International tourist. Surrounded by beaches and untouched crystal clear waters, the island offers lots of water activities like snorkeling, parasailing, water skiing and scuba diving. The island also boasts of accommodating the big cat ¨C tiger in their lush green tropical forests along with other exotic birds and animals as cohabitants. Apart from these, there is natural geothermal hot springs with water temperature varying from 45 to 90 degree Celsius. The island has small markets, large department stores and shopping malls to splurge on shopping after a relaxing trip. Traditional Chinese food, apparels and products are available in these markets and malls. The night life venues are fantastic. The island also has discotheques, karaoke lounges and restaurants.

Attractions: Sanya, Luhuitou Peninsula, Wuzhizhou island, Dadong bay
The main attractions of the Hainan island are Sanya City, Sanya beach, Hairui Tomb, Wugong Shrine, Luhuitou Peninsula, Wuzhizhou island, Temple of Five Lords Tianyahaijiao, Dadonghai bathing beach, Dongzhai harbor Mangrove and Dongjioa coconut plantation. Sanya City is the southern part of Hainan Island. It is well connected by roads and transportation is through highways. There are two airports in Hainan province. Ferry services are offered from mainland. Though the island shall be visited all year around, the best time to visit is from October to March. The island has attractions to suit any type of audience, i.e. family, couples, leisure and lonely traveler.

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