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Changsha is among the 24 cities in China which have been first listed by the government as famous historical and cultural cities. The earliest inhabitants settled in Changsha about 7,000 years ago, and the city has a written history of more than 3,000 years. During the Xia and Shang dynasties, Changsha belonged to the ancient Sanmiaoyuan land; in the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States periods, it was an important economic,cultural, and military town of southem Chu state. In 221 BC, Emperor Qin Shihuang unified China, and placed Changsha as one of its 36 towns. In Han Dynasty, it was the capital of Changsha State; it belongs to Wu State during the Three Kingdowm period. It was renamed as to Tanzhou several times during Sui and Tang dynasties. It was under Jinghu South Road in Song Dynasty, and renamed as Changsha Prefecture in Ming Dynasty. It became a part of Hunan Province in Qing Dynasty, and was renamed as the capital of Hunan Province in 1922. in 1933, it was chosen as Changsha City, and it was peacefully liberated on August 5, 1949.

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Tongtian Hotel, Changsha
Tongtian Hotel, Changsha Distance from airport: 30km Distance from Changsha railway station: 1.5km Distance from city center:1km - Tongtian Hotel is a 4-star superior business hotel opened in December, 2003. Located at NO.246 Bayi Road in Changsha, it boasts a good location and transportation condition.
Business Big Bed Room 48.00 USDBook

Zidongge Huatian Hotel Changsha
Zidongge Huatian Hotel Changsha It takes 20-minute to the airport and 5-minute to the railway station from the Zidongge Huatian Hotel. - Situated in downtown Changsha, Hunan.The hotel has 3-different restaurants serving delicious
Superior Big Bed Room 45.00 USDBook

Changsha Haolaideng Hotel
Changsha Haolaideng Hotel - 10km to railway station; - 20km to airport; - 10km to coach station. - Covering 45,000 sqm, this 31-story Horaton Hotel Changsha is situated on the Furong road, main road of Changsha City.
Superior Twin Room Prepay45.00 USDBook

Wandai Yahua Hotel, Changsha
Wandai Yahua Hotel, Changsha To the North station: 2km To the north railway station: 2.7km To the Huanghua Airport: 23.2km - Wandai Yahua hotel is a 4 star standardized hotel integrating catering, amusement, business. Locating on Bayi Road, it is about 20minutes to the airport, thus, this hotel is with convenient transportation.
Business Big Bed Room 28.00 USDBook

Dolton Hotel Changsha, Changsha
Dolton Hotel Changsha, Changsha To City Center: 0km; To Railway Station: 2.5km; To Airport: 40km; To Exhibition: 3km - The Dolton Hotel Changsha, Which was invested by the Dolton Group Changsha, is the five star deluxe hotel. It contains room service, food service, shopping, office for rental and entertainment, including the functions of business traveling, leisure vacation and large-scaled conference reception. The hotel is located in the political, business, financial center, and very facile for the transportation.
Superior Twin Room 80.00 USDBook

Changju Hotel, Changsha
Changju Hotel, Changsha To the airport: 30minutes To the railway station: 10 minutes - This hotel is locating in the prosperous financial area---Junction of Furong middle road and Renmin Road. Thus, this hotel benefits great in its location. It is only about 30minutes from the hotel to the airport while 10 minutes to the railway station.
Standard Twin Room 30.00 USDBook

Preess Rsort&Hotel, Changsha
Preess Rsort&Hotel, Changsha Distance from the airport (km): 55 Distance from the Changsha Railway Station (km): 36 Distance from the city centre (km): 30 Distance from the city (km): 20 - Preess Resort & Hotel is the first five-star hotel adopting nature concept in Hunan. It locates beside green mountains and a beautiful lake. The environments are quiet and refreshing, which make it a fascinating place for your attending conference, enjoying leisure time and spending vacations.
Preferential Big Bed Room included 2 Breakfast56.00 USDBook

Huaya International Hotel
Huaya International Hotel Distance from the airport: 22km Distance from Changsha railway station: 5km Distance from the city center: 5km - Va Ya Hua Tian Hotel, invested by Hunan New Vaya Group, owns both South China garden and modern golf course luxury hotel ecological garden. Officially opened on Jan.26th, 2006, the hotel was formally awarded as a five-star hotel. Located at the joint point of the city center and the sports center, and adjacent to the airport expressway, East Laodong Road, and Wanjiali Road, it fully represents the ecological space structure of " mountain, water, islet, and city" .
Deluxe Room 70.00 USDBook

Zixin Hotel, Changsha
Zixin Hotel, Changsha Adjacent to 107 National highway, Changyong and Jingzhu highway; only 10 minutes to Changsha railway station and Huanghua airport - Zixin Hotel is a 4-star business hotel located at the economy and technology development zone of Changsha. Well decorated and completely equipped, it provides guests with services concering accommodation, dining, conference, amusement, and business.
Deluxe Standard Room Prepay included 2 Breakfast42.00 USDBook

New Oriental Hotel, Changsha
New Oriental Hotel, Changsha Distance from city center: 0.5km, distance from Changsha railway station: 3km, distance from airport: 26km. - New Oriental Hotel Changsha New Oriental Hotel is located in Changsha City in the southern tip of South Gate Dongtang overpass downtown commercial lots, is tourism, resort, commercial, leisure stayed ideal. Hotel innovative design, decoration luxurious elegance, followed the trend of the times.
Superior Twin Room Prepay38.00 USDBook

Changsha Tongcheng Lushan Hotel
Changsha Tongcheng Lushan Hotel City center km2 - Airport Km35 - Railway Km9 - The Tongcheng Lushan Hotel (Tongcheng Lushan Dajiudian) is a business hotel located on Fenglin 1st Road.
Standard Twin Room no breakfast41.00 USDBook

Saint-Tropez Hotel (Hunan Interntional Convention & Exhibition Hotel)
Saint-Tropez Hotel (Hunan Interntional Convention & Exhibition Hotel) Located in the Changsha New Century Culture City. Close to the airport express way, with the window of the World (Changsha) on the east. 30 minutes driving distance to the Huang Hua Airport. 10 minutes driving distance to the railway station. 20 minutes to the city center. - The ST-Tropez Hotel (Changsha Shengjuefeisi Dajiudian) is located close to downtown. It is 22 kilometers from the airport. Opened in 2001, the hotel features 275 rooms and suites, equipped with climate control, cable television, safe, mini-bar and sauna. The hotel property include western restaurant, Chinese restaurant, ballroom and meeting rooms.
Superior Twin Room included 1 Breakfast95.00 USDBook

Jasmine International Hotel, Changsha
Jasmine International Hotel, Changsha Distance from railway station: 15km, 25 minutes by car. Distance from airport: 70km, distance from international exhibition center: 15km. - Jasmine International Hotel, situated at Jinxin Middle Road, Yue Lu District, with City Govt, on the north, university city on the south, New Tech Development Zone on the west. It is 10 mins. drive from city center and 20 mins. to railway station and 30 mins. to the airport.
Superior Twin Room 54.00 USDBook

Hunan Furama Hotel
Hunan Furama Hotel The Hunan Furama Hotel is located within walking distance to the railway station. Located approximately 30-minutes driving distance to the airport. - Situated in downtown Changsha, the Hunan Furama Hotel is graded and certified as a 4-star hotel by the National Tourism Bureau.
Superior Twin Room 56.00 USDBook

Louyuan Hotel
Louyuan Hotel City Center Km 2 - Airport Km35 - Railway Km8 - The Louyuan Hotel (Louyuan Binguan) is a business hotel located on Xiangchun Road in downtown Changsha.
Standard Twin Room 34.00 USDBook

Gold Source Hotel, Changsha
Gold Source Hotel, Changsha Located 35kms from the airport. 5.5kms from the railway station. - The 4-star Gold Source Hotel (Changsha Jinyuan Dajiudian) is located in downtown Changsha near Baisha Park. Conveniently situated a short drive from the train station, close to the city's commercial area and within easy reach of many of Changsha's tourist attractions, this hotel is a good choice for both travelers and those in the city on business.
Deluxe Single Room 55.00 USDBook

Skyer Gold Coast Hotel
Skyer Gold Coast Hotel 2km to downtown, 15km to railway station, 14km to airport, 2km to exhibition center - The Skyer Gold Coast Hotel (Shuntian Huangjin Hai'an Dajiudian) is a business hotel located close to the North Xiangjiang Road by the Xiangjiang River, Liuyanghe River and Laodao River in Changsha. It is a good choice for business and leisure travelers.
Single room (No window) included 2 Breakfast46.00 USDBook

Lotus Huatian Hotel, Changsha
Lotus Huatian Hotel, Changsha This hotel located at he commercial center of the city. It is only 3 minutes drive to the railway station and 30 minutes from the airport. - A four star hotel located at he commercial center of the city.
Standard Twin Room Prepay included 2 Breakfast53.00 USDBook

Jinye Hotel, Changsha
Jinye Hotel, Changsha 5km to downtown and railway station, 30km to airport - Kingyear Hotel Changsha has convenient transportation and ideal location, with walking distance to Guihua Park and Dongtang commercial street. Newly renovated in 2006, the 14-storey hotel has 115 various guest rooms.
Superior Single Room 34.00 USDBook

Hunan Wuhua Hotel
Hunan Wuhua Hotel 25km (50-minute drive) to the Changsha Huanghua Airport (CSX); 20km from the coach station - Wuhua Hotel Changsha is located on the prosperous financial street in central Changsha, 5km from the railway station
Standard Twin Room 51.00 USDBook

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