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More Recommended Hotels

Beijing Hotels
China People's Palace,BeijingSihe Hotel (courtyard), Beijing
Shanghai Hotels
Magnificent International Plaza & HotelYun'S Paradise Hotel
Guangzhou Hotels
Lido Hotel, GuangzhouLiuhua Hotel ,Guangzhou
China People's Palace,Beijing
    From 84 USD
Sihe Hotel (courtyard), Beijing
    From 73 USD
Dong Chang An Hotel, Beijing
    From 49 USD
Magnificent International Plaza & Hotel
    From 58 USD
Yun'S Paradise Hotel
    From 65 USD
Holiday Inn Downtown, Shanghai
    From 102 USD
Lido Hotel, Guangzhou
    From 51 USD
Liuhua Hotel ,Guangzhou
    From 62 USD
President Hotel, Guangzhou
    From 52 USD

Hangzhou Zhejiang Hotel USD 110
Culture Plaza Hotel, Hangzhou USD 65
St.Rich Hotel, Hangzhou USD 36
Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel USD 61
Xinqiao Hotel USD 67

China Business and Travel Information

Shanghai: 13 mega-projects to become the queen of tourism
Investments for RMB 400 billion. Shangai Disneyland: the works are already start...
Hangzhou: a new great five star Luxury Hotel managed by Jumeirah Group
Meanwhile they are starting new strategies to increase international tourism in ...
Beijing: the Happy Magic Watercube, entertainment at the highest levels
The Watercube of Olympics has become the most modern water parks in the world ...
Shenzhen: New luxurious hotel by Langham Hotels International
The continued growth of tourism drew the attention of the prestigious company .....
Zhejiang: Yandang Mountain, one of the 10 most famous mountains in China
It is located 90 minutes from Wenzhou, The International tourism is coming ...
Beijing: the second Dubai's Khalifa will be built in Beijing
It will be the highest hotel in the world. But now, the tallest hotel is in Shan...
China News

Ideas for a tailor made trip in China

Beaches to Discover
Beihai Park
The Garden of Beijing
41 China Sites inscribed
in the World Heritage List
Emperor come back
to Temple of Heaven
Hainan Island
Hawaii of the East!
Shaolin Monastery
Buddhism and Kung Fu
Tour of China in 30 photos
Charming Hangzhou
Quick view on the most scenic places in China. Here you can take some idea on destinations to organize your tailor made travel in China.
Beautiful places yet unknown
Shouxi Lake Bridge
In China there are many beautiful destinations yet unknown to international tourism. Examples: Anyang, Kaifeng, Dazu, Jinxiu, Zhengzhou, Pingyao, Lijiang, Jinan, Dali, Jiuzhaigou, Xitang.
Top 10 Business destination
nanpu bridge shanghai'
Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou. Area of economic development such Xiamen, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Dalian, Qinhuangdao, Tianjin, Yantai, Qingdao.

GuangZhou Hotels China:

Lido Hotel, Guangzhou 51$
Liuhua Hotel ,Guangzhou 62$

Changsha Hotels China:

Empark Crand Hotel Changsha 87$
Saint-Tropez Hotel (Hunan Interntional Convention & Exhibition Hotel) 90$

Wenzhou Hotels China:

Sheraton Hotel Wenzhou 177$
Overseas Chinese Hotel Wenzhou 112$

Qinhuangdao Hotels China:

Qinhuangdao Great Wall Hotel 55$
Best Western Junyu Grand Hotel 58$

Sanya Hotels China:

Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel 101$
Days Hotel &Suites Sanya Resort 101$

About China

Top Ten Destinations
Brief Guides on Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hanzhou, Guilin, Nanjing, Sanya ....

About China

Overview on China
Cities, Provinces, Population, Lakes, Rivers, Mountains, Seas, Fauna, Flora, Festivals ...

Hotels in China 800 New Hotels in China
Also the main Hotel Chains are betting on the new booming of the tourism in China ...
Tian An Men Travel News
China News. Service for global professionals. Constantly updated news and info....
100 million tourists in 2015 100 million tourists in 2015
The real boom in China tourism will come in the next 3 years. China is going to be ready ...
Tourism in China Embassy China
Embassy or consulates in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang and Chengdu...
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